Thursday, 24 March 2011

What Am I and This Blog About???

As a first time blogger I felt a little introduction post was in order!

So, to answer the first part of the title, I am The Student Foody. I’m a university student who would actively describe himself as a foody. I love all things food, from learning about the production of ingredients, to cooking, eating out and all things in between. I also have a few fairly large views on the ethics of the food we eat in today’s modern society (but I’ll save those for a real blog!).  

As a student I think the way I view food may differ slightly to those of household cooks and professional chefs and therefore I hope to share some of these and hear back from you all on them. For me a key part of this is hearing what other people have to say on the issues I discuss. If we are all open minded then a good debate on a passionate topic does nothing  but good and if it gets us all thinking then I’d say this was a success.
So please enjoy my humble offerings, comment and follow and enjoy your food.

The Student Foody J

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  1. Welcome to the food blogging world!

    You may be surprised in how much you share with chefs and amateur cooks - after all, a lot of us were also students, or just plain broke, at some time or other!

    You can always find tips at my blog - http://www